Children with dyslexia have a good ability to learn. They have many talents and unique contributions to share. They just need appropriate help. Children with dyslexia have unique ways of acquiring knowledge. Most of these students need specially trained teachers or therapists that use multi-sensory structured learning. They need to be taught by a systematic, explicit method that involves 

Learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, are frequently unrecognized in children until the demands of school continue to increase and the child is unsuccessful. Early identification and treatment are the keys to helping children with dyslexia grow in school and in their lives. When a student struggles with one or more components of reading, the student needs to be assessed and evaluated to determine

whether the student exhibits evidence of dyslexia.  These evaluations might then qualify these students for extra time to complete assignments, help with taking notes, work assignments that are modified appropriately and alternate ways of assessment in school.  Once the evaluation is completed, lessons to assist children with dyslexia can begin.

several senses at the same time (listening, seeing, and touching). They may require one-on-one instruction so they can learn at their own rate. This may requires a great deal of structured practice and immediate corrective feedback.  My lessons incorporate this multi-sensory, structured practice learning approach.


Each student has individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as personal learning styles. These factors are integrated into my lessons.  Sessions are normally 60 minutes in duration. They are divided into small segments.  These segments are:



Children with dyslexia benefit from a team approach. Parent conferences are available and encouraged. I will work with you, as well as the teacher and the school, to support your child in any way possible. I am also available to attend your child's school conferences.  If you have insurance that pays for all or a portion of my services, I will be happy to complete any insurance forms without charge. 

I will perform benchmark testing regularly to show growth and check on your child's progress. 

  • alphabet/dictionary
  • instant words
  • sight words
  • reading practice/comprehension
  • phonological awareness
  • spelling
  • handwriting
  • written expression
  • listening comprehesion
  • new learning
  • review
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